Genesis Automation, Inc.
Genesis Automation Inc. offers Great Prices on UL 508 DIN rail power supplies, disconnects, DIN rail mount enclosure heaters, thermostat, air conditioners, filter fans, receptacles, enclosure lights, cam switches, mini circuit breakers (MCB), DIN rail terminal blocks, M12, M8 sensor cables DIN valve connectors, & junction boxes for electrical control panels. Genesis is also the US Master Distributor for IVO incremental and absolute encoders & Motrona motion controller and interface products.
AC to DC Power Supplies, 1 & 3 Phase, 5 to 2000 Watts, 5, 12, 15, 24, 48 Volts DC, VDC

DIN Rail Power Supplies 1 & 3 Phase, DC UPS
DIN Rail Mounted Heaters, Thermostat, Outlet, Slim Enclosure Light, Hygrostat for Industrial Electrical Enclosures and Control Panels

Enclosure Heaters, Thermostats, Humidity Controls
Industrial Electrical Enclosures, Exhaust Filters, Air Conditioners, Air to Air & Air to Water Heat Exchangers and Vortex A/C

Industrial Enclosure Air Conditioners, Heat Exchangers & Vortex A/C
Industrial Enclosure Filter Fans

Industrial Enclosure Filter Fans
DIN Rail Mount REceptacles for U.S., Germinay, France, UK, Australia & Electrical Enclosure Lights

DIN Rail Receptacles & Enclosure Lights
Industrial Through the Door, Front Mount & Enclosed Electrical Enclosure Disconnects & DIN Rail Mount Mini Ciruit Breakers, MCB

Disconnect Switches & Mini Circuit Breakers
Industrial Ethernet Switches and Serial Servers

Industrial Ethernet Switches & Serial Servers
Motrona Motion Controller for Dynamic Synchronous Motion Control; Motrona Converters: Frequency to Voltage, SSI to Parallel, Encoder to Analog, Encoder to Analog, Frequency Dividiers, Encoder Splitters, Profibus & CANbus Gateways

Motrona Signal Converters, Motion Controllers & Encoder Displays
Panel Meters, Tachometers and Process Displays for Analog or Frequency Inputs

Counters, Tachometers & Panel Meters
IVO Absolute and Incremental Encoders

Absolute & Incremental Encoders
M12, M8, MINI, Micro AC cables, connectors and Junction Boxes

M12, M8 & DIN Valve Cables
DIN Rail Screw & Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks, Fuse, Thermocouple, Double & Triple Level Terminals

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Screw & Spring
Programmable Relays & Timers

Programmable Relays & Timers
Tower Lights, Stack Lights, Andon Lights, Audible Alarms, Strobe and Rotary Beacons

Industrial Signal Products
ASTS and ASTL Assemblies, Andon Lights and Displays, Wireless, LED or Bulb Models, IP20, 83 dB, Dubable Control Box, Flashing or Audible Options

Andon Lights & Displays, Including Wireless
Genesis Automation brings the best in cost competitive, innovative industrial electrical controls. We offer the lowest prices over the broadest range range of 1 and 3 phase DIN rail power supplies, a unique range of climate control products for your control panel including DIN rail mount heaters, fan heaters, thermostats, humidity control, filter fans and air conditioners. Great prices on DIN rail receptacles, enclosure lights, spring and screw style din rail terminal blocks, through the door disconnect switches, enclosed disconnects,incremental and absolute encoders, signal conditioners for frequency, analog, SSI, serial, parallel, encoder splitters and dynamic synchronous motion controllers. Quality components at great prices make us a great resource for OEMs, Integrators, Panel Builders, Users and our Representative and Distributor Network.
CONTACT US :: :: 3046 Home Road :: Powell, OH 43065
PHONE :: 740.917.5781 ... FAX :: 740.917.5791

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