Explosion Proof Heater DIN Rail Mount ATEX EX Explosion Proof Heater

Model Types

G02042.0-00 100 Watt, 230VAC Explosion-Proof Heater
G02042.9-00 100 Watt, 120VAC Explosion-Proof Heater
G02051.0-00  50 Watt, 230 VAC Explosion-Proof Heater
G02051.9-00  50 Watt, 120VAC Explosion-Proof Heater

*Heat in Watts at 60Hz, 50°F Ambient


  • DIN Rail Mount Spring Clip and Screw Mounting
  • PTC Technology with self regulating characteristics
  • Wire Harness 3-wire 3ft cord
  • Rugged Aluminum Extrusion Profile
  • Rugged Silver Anodized Aluminum Body 
  • ATEX Certified Protection E Ex d IIc T5 & T
  • IP66


Accessories & Options

CREx G02051/02042ExProofHeater_Dimensions

Ordering Information

02042.0-00 100W 230VAC 3.1 lbs 275°F (135°C)
02042.9-00 100W 120VAC 3.1 lbs 275°F (135°C)
02051.0-00 50W 230VAC 3.1 lbs 212°F (100°C)
02051.9-00 50W 120VAC 3.1 lbs 212°F (100°C)

*maintain 50mm safe mounting distance between heater and other objects. It is recommended to ouse a thermostat to control the heater.