IX342/345/346/347/348 SSI LED Indicators SSI formats from 8-32 bits - Master/Slave operation-ST/MT Encoders

Model Numbers

IX 342 SSI Indicator (2 relays, RS232/485 interface)
IX 345 SSI Indicator (Display Only)
IX 346 SSI Indicator (Analogue Output)
IX 347 SSI Indicator (2 Presets / Transistor Outputs)
IX 348 SSI Indicator (Serial RS232 / RS485 Interface)


  • SSI Master and Slave operation with Baud rates up to 1 MHz
  • Suitable for all SSI single-turn and multi-turn encoders up to 32 bit
  • Easy to set up by three front keys and menu dialogue
  • Programmable scaling of the SSI display and free zero definition 
  • Selectable Linearization functions 
  • Programmable bit blanking, round-loop mode and more
  • Bright ELD display with 15mm size (0.59")
  • Aux. 24 V output for supply of SSI encoders or other SSI sensors 
  • Standard housing 96 x 48 x 150 mm (3.78 x 1.89 x 5.90")