CBI 12 or 24V Series DC UPS

CBI All In One UPS Power Solutions combine the requirements for several applications in just one device which can be used as power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module or backup module. The available power is automatically distributed among load and battery, while supplying power to the load always is the first priority. The maximum available current of the load output is two times the value of the device’s rated current

Model Types

CBI2801224A  Single Phase 115, 230, 277Vac, DC UPS 12V (15A) OR 24V (10A)
CBI2801224B Single Phase 230, 400, 500Vac, DC UPS 12V (15A) OR 24V (10A)


  • DIN Rail Mountable Brackets
  • Continuous Battery Efficiency Monitoring & Diagnostic
  • Three Charging Levels: Boost, Trickle, and Recovery
  • Protected against short circuit and inverted polarity
  • Signal output for discharged for damaged battery
  • Dimensions: 65x115x135mm
  • Weight 0.6 kg approx. (1.322 pounds)
  • Protection Degree: IP20

Ordering Information

CBI2801224A  UPS Single Phase 115-230 Vac, DC UPS 48V (10A)  Din Rail Mount Power Supply