Disconnect Switches Through the Door, Front Mount & Enclosed Enclosure Disconnect Switches

Model Types

MB34 DIN Rail Mount, Through the Door Disconnect Switches
B33  Front Door Mount Disconnect Switches
B31SM Enclosed Disconnect Switches


Through the Door Disconnects

  • Front door operation with door interlock
  • Complete Assembly with rigid metal shaft
  • Padlockable in 3 positions 
  • DIN Rail or 2-hole panel mounting 
  • 4-hole front panel bolt patern 
  • Approvals: UL508, CSA, IP65 
  • Accessory Add-on Main Pole, Neutral Pole, 
  • & N.O./N.C. contact modules
  • Call for 4-6 pole models
  • 600V Max

Front Mount Disconnects 

  • Front panel operation 
  • IP65 Protection
  • Padlockable in 3 positions
  • 4-hole front panel bolt patern
  • Approvals: UL508, CSA
  • Call for higher amp models
  • 600V Max

Enclosed Disconnects

  • IP65 Protection 
  • Padlockable in 3 positions 
  • 4-hole rear panel mounting 
  • Enclosed model is not UL approved
  • Call for higher amp models
  • 600V Max

Dimension Diagrams

 Through the Door Disconnect Switch Dimensions
Front Mount Disconnect Switch Dimensions 
Enclosed Disconnect Switch Dimensions 

Max Current and Optional 4th and Neutral Poles

Part No.  Current Model Type 4th Pole Neutral
LB22531309MB34RDYR 25 Amp Through the Door RMC25 RNC25
LB23231309MB34RDYR 32 Amp Through the Door RMC32 RNC43
LB26331309MB34RDYR 63 Amp Through the Door RMC63 RNC63
LB10031309MB34RDYR 100 Amp Through the Door RMC100 RNC100
LB12531309MB34RDYR 125 Amp Through the Door RMC125 RNC125
LB23231309B33RDYR 32 Amp Front Door Mount    
LB26331309B33RDYR 63 Amp Front Door Mount    
LB23231400B31SMRDYR  32 Amp Enclosed Disconnect Standard 13.0A

4th Pole and Neutral Part Numbers are for purchasing additional poles to add on to disconnect.

Models listed are typically in stock.  Please call for additional styles and current outputs.