150W Touch-Safe CS028 PTC Fan Heater

Model Numbers

02800.0-00  150W, 230VAC, PTC Fan Heater
02801.0-00 150W, 230VAC, PTC Fan Heater
02800.9-00 150W, 120VAC, PTC Fan Heater
02801.9-00 150W, 120VAC, PTC Fan Heater


  • Compact Size
  • Quiet Operation
  • PTC Technology with self regulating characteristics
  • Heating power adjusts to ambient temperature
  • DIN rail or screw mount available

Ordering Information

Part No.  Watts @ 60Hz Mounting Fan/Heat Voltage 
 02800.0-00  150W DIN clip  230VAC
02800.0-01  150W Screw Mount  230VAC
02800.9-00  150W DIN clip 120VAC
02800.9-01  150W Screw Mount 120VAC

*Heat in Watts at 60Hz, 68°F Ambient