45 - 230 Watt 40mm DIN Rail Fan Enclosure Heater

Model Numbers

 FGC1002.2  60W, 12VDC, Fan Heater, 12VDC Fan
 FGC1007.2  100W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VDC Fan
 FGC1021.2 60W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VAC Fan
 FGC1022.2  80W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VAC Fan
 FGC1023.2 100W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VAC Fan
 FGC1025.2 45W, 24VACDC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1026.2 60W, 24VACDC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1037.2 50W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1029.2 60W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1030.2 80W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1031.2 100W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1502.2 200W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VDC Fan
 FGC1510.2 200W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 12VAC Fan
 FGC1507.2 230W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VDC Fan 
 FGC1512.2 125W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan 
 FGC1513.2 150W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan
 FGC1514.2 200W, 100-240VAC, Fan Heater, 24VACDC Fan


  • PTC technology with self regulating characteristics
  • Rugged aluminum extrusion profile
  • Independent fan circuit to aid in cooling
  • Finger guard on outlet
  • 590-610mm cable for termination
  • Fan life 120,000 Hrs @ 40°C L10
  • Fan Operating Temperature -10 to +70°C (14 to +158°F)
  • Approvals UL, CSA, CE, VDE, RoHS, Protection IP20
  • Optional DIN Rail Transformers FGT300 (12VAC) FGT314 (24VAC)
  • Dimensions: FGC1000s = 72x40x42mm, FGC1500s = 107x40x42mm

Ordering Information

Part No. Watts Heater Fuse Fan Fan Amps
 FGC1002.2  60W 12VDC 6A 12VDC .95A
 FGC1007.2  100W 100-240VAC 4A 12VDC .95A
 FGC1021.2 60W 100-240VAC 2A 12VAC .95A
 FGC1022.2  80W 100-240VAC 2A 12VAC .95a
 FGC1023.2 100W 100-240VAC 4A 12VAC .95A
 FGC1025.2 45W 24VACDC 6A 24VACDC .48A
FGC1026.2 60W 24VACDC 6A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1037.2 50W 100-240VAC 2A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1029.2 60W 100-240VAC 2A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1030.2 80W 100-240VAC 2A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1031.2 100W 100-240VAC 4A  24VACDC .48A
 FGC1502.2 200W 100-240VAC 4A 12VDC .95A
 FGC1510.2 200W 100-240VAC 4A 12VAC .95A
 FGC1507.2 230W 100-240VAC 4A 24VDC .48A
 FGC1512.2 125W 100-240VAC 4A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1513.2 150W 100-240VAC 4A 24VACDC .48A
 FGC1514.2 200W 100-240VAC 4A 24VACDC .48A