Inline Thermostat Kit AC/DC DBK Inline Preset Thermostat to Crimp onto Power Leads of Heating Device

The Inline Heater Thermostat is a fixed point thermostat that crimps on the leads of our DIN Rail Enclosure Heaters and Fan Heaters used int electrical control panels.

Model Numbers

FGT302 12-24 VDC. Preset 41°F (5°C) 
FGT303 12-24 VDC. Preset 68°F (20°C) 
FGT304 12-24 VDC. Preset 89°F (30°C) 
FGT305 100-240 VAC. Preset 41°F (5°C)
FGT306 100-240 VAC. Preset 68°F (20°C)
FGT307 100-240VAC. Preset 89°F (30°C)


  • Thermostat crimps on Power Lead
  • Kit Includes Thermostat, Leads, Insulated Crimp Terminal, Cable Ties
  • Cable Ties Connect Thermostat to Wire Harness
  • Complete Kit made from UL approved components
  • Protection Class I, IP20
  • CE,  RoHS

Power Rating for Thermostat Contacts

Part Number Voltage Max Current 
FGT302, 303, 304  12 VDC 8A 
 FGT302, 303, 304  24 VDC 4A 
 FGT305, 306, 307  100 VAC 6A 
  FGT305, 306, 307  240 VAC 3A