DIN Rail Enclosure Outlet

Model Types

03500.0-00  250VAC, Germany/Russia with fuse, 6.3A Current 
03500.0-01  250VAC, Germnay/Russia, 16.0A Current
03501.0-00  250VAC, France/Poland with fuse, 6.3A Current
03501.0-01  250VAC, France/Poland, 16.0A Current
03502.0-00 250VAC, Switzerland with fuse, 6.3A Current
03502.0-01  250VAC, Switzerland, 10.0A Current
03503.0-00  250VAC, UK/Ireland with fuse, 6.3A Current
03503.0-01  250VAC, UK/Ireland 13.0A Current
03504.0-00  125VAC, USA/Canada with fuse, 6.3A Current
03504.0-01  125VAC, USA/Canada, 15.0A Current
03505.0-00  250VAC, Italy with fuse, 6.3A Current
03505.0-01  250VAC, Italy, 16.0A Current


  • Quick Connections
  • Avaiable w/ or w/out fuse
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Protection: I (grounded)
  • IP20
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.4 x 1.9''

Ordering Information

Part No.  Voltage Socket Model Current
03500.0-00  250VAC Germany/Russia with Fuse 6.3A
03500.0-01  250VAC Germany/Russia Standard 16.0A
03501.0-00  250VAC France/Poland with Fuse 6.3A
03501.0-01  250VAC France/Poland Standard 16.0A
03502.0-00 250VAC Switzerland with Fuse 6.3A
03502.0-01  250VAC Switzerland Standard 10.0A
03503.0-00  250VAC UK/Ireland with Fuse 6.3A
03503.0-01  250VAC UK/Ireland Standard 13.0A
03504.0-00  125VAC USA/Canada with Fuse 6.3A
03504.0-01  125VAC USA/Canada Standard 15.0A
03505.0-00  250VAC Italy with Fuse 6.3A
03505.0-01  250VAC Italy Standard 16.0A