Motrona - ZD330/340 & ZA330/340 Input Counters Operation modes-Single, Dual, Differential, & Summing-2 Encoders

Model Numbers

ZD 330  Dual Electronic Counter (8 decades) 
ZD 340  Dual Electronic Counter (6 decades) 
ZA 330 Dual Electronic Counter (8 decades, analogue output)
ZA 340 Dual Electronic Counter (6 decades, analogue output)


  • Counter series with two separate encoder inputs, each A, /A, B, /B, with individual impulse scaling (1 MHz each input channel)
  • Operating modes as Single Counter, Dual Counter (independent), Differential coutner {encoder1 - encoder2} or Summing counter {encoder1 + encoder2} of two encoder positions, and many other useful counting functions
  • Universal inputs TTL/HTL for any kind of impulse sources like single-channel (A only), quadrature (A/B) or differential (RS422 A, /A, B, /B) 
  • All models provide 4 presets with 4 fast-switchign optocoupler outputs (1 msec) and RS232 serial interface (RS485 optional)


Dual Electronic Counter Diagram


 AC Power Supply 24 V~±10%, 15VA 
 DC Power Supply 24 - (17-40V), approx. 100mA (+encoders) 
Aux. Encoder Supply Outputs: 

2 x 5,2 VDC, 150 mA each

2 x 24 VDC, 120 mA each


2 universal encoder inputs (internal pull-down resistor, Ri = 8.5kΩ each channel)

4 digital control inputs HTL (Ri = 3.3 kΩ) Low <2.5 V, High > 10V, min. pulse width 50 usec.

 Counting frequency (per encoder)

RS422 and TTL differential: 1MHz (min. differential voltage 1V)

HTL single-ended: 200kHz

TTL single-ended: 200kHz 

 Switching Output (All models) 4 fast power transistors 5-30V, 350 mA(b) , Responcse time < 1 msec (a), 
 Relay outputs (models ZD6xx, ZA6xx and ZR6xx only) Serial Link 4 relays (dry changeover contacts) (b) AC switching capability max. 250 V/ 1 A/ 250 VA; DC switching capability max. 100 V/ 1A/ 100 W 
 Ambient Temperature

Operation: 0-56°C (32 - 113°F)

Storage: -25 - +70°C (-13 - 158°F) 

Housing  Norly UL94-V-0 
Display  6 Digit, LED, high- efficiency red, 15mm 
 Protection Class (front side only)

All models without front thumbwheels: IP65

All models with front thumbwheels: IP20

(with plexi-glass cover part #64026 also IP65) 

 Protection Class rear side  IP20 
 Screw Terminals Cross section max. 1.5mm² 
 Conformity and standards: EMC 2004/108/EC: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3; LV2006/95/EC: EN61010-1