Motrona - DS 240 Series Monitor-overspeed, underspeed, standstill/direction of rotation

Model Numbers

DS 240  1 relay, 4 control outputs push-pull, analogue output, signal splitter
DS 246  1 relay, 4 control outputs push-pul, analogue output
BG 230 Display and programming module (optional)


  • SIL3 and PLe certification
  • Safety functions equivalent to EN61800-5-2 (SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM)
  • Suitable for the connection with SIL3/PLe certificated Sin-Cosine sensors or SinCos encoders with 1 Vpp
  • Two inverse redundant HTL/PNP inputs for encoders, proximity switches and control commands
  • Extremely large bandwidth of 500 kHz
  • Forced guided redundant output relay (NO). Beside device errors, more alarm states can freely be parameterized
  • The function of the four inverse redundant digital outputs is also free programmable
  • Safe analogue output with 4 - 20 mA for transmitting of proportional control loop values.
  • Easy and safe integration into existing sensor wirings enabled by the integrated signal splitter
  • Fast and intuitive parameter setup by using the free service software or by using the programming module
  • Snap-on module for stndard DIN rails (35mm C-profile)  


Power Supply  17VDC - 30VDC 
 Ripple ≥ 10% @ 24VDC 
 Current consumption approx. 70mA @ 24 VDC 
 Aux. Output for encoder supply 5.2V max. 200mA 
 Inputs Control 1/2

Ri = 3.9 kOhms, Low < 2.5V, HIGH > 10V (max. 30V)

minumum duration of dynamic signals: 50 µsec.

minumum duration of static singals: 2 msec. 

 Encoder inputs

Symmetric differential sin/cos - input (sin+, sin-, cos+, cos), Signal level 0.8 Vpp - 1.2 Vpp, Singal offset approx. 2 - 3V to GND 

 Input Frequency 


 Analogue Output

±10V, max. 2mA

0 - 20mA, 4 - 20 mA (load: max 270 Ohm)

Resolution 14 bits, accuracy 0.1%

Settling time approx. 200us

Step response = 2 x sampling time + 200us 

 Relays (DZ260 and DZ267 only) Dry change-over contracts, switching capability 30V / 2A DC or 125V / 0.6A AC or 230V / 0.3A AC Response time approx. 4msec.  
Transistor Outputs (DZ 261 and DZ269 only)   3 fast, short-circuit-proof PNP-outputs 5-30V, 350 mA, response time < 1 msec.
 Serial interface RS232 / 2400 - 38400 Bauds