Motrona - ZX020 Panel Counter 6-Digit LED Display Position or Event Counter Inputs A & B (NPN/PNP & NAMUR)

Model Numbers

ZX 020  Small-Size Panel Counter


  • Low-cost position or event counter with dimensions 48x24mm (1.89 x 0.945") and 8mm LED size (0.315")
  • Power Supply 10-30 VDC
  • Impulse inputs A, B, and Set / Reset input
  • Counting frequency 15 - 60 kHz, depending on counting mode
  • Programmable counting functions: (count A with B as up/down select, sum A+B or difference A-B, quadrature count A/B, 2.90º)
  • Programmable edge count (x1, x2, x4), adjustable proportional and reciprocal factors 0.0001 - 99.9999
  • Power-down memory (10 years of data retention)
  • Easy to set up by two front keys and menu support
  • Add-on frame for 50x25mm panel cutout


Power Supply UB  10-30 VDC, max. 50 mA 
Display  6 Decade / 8mm (0.315") 
Inputs  3 x NPN/ PNP/Namur, Ri = 10kOhm 
Counting Frequency  depending on operating conditions, see table 30Hz with fitler switched on  
Minium Pulse Width for Reset  5 msec
Switching Thresholds of inputs  Low = 0V - 0.2 x UB; High = 0.6 x UB - 30V
Shape of input wave  any (Smith Trigger Inputs) 
Data retention  10 years, 10 store Cycles^6 Store Cycles
Operating temperature  -20° +55°C (-4 +131°F) 
Storage Temperature  -25° +70°C (-13 +158°F) 
Weight  50g 
Protection Class (front side only)  IP65 
 Conformity and Standards EMC 89/336/EEC:  EN61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3; LV73/23/EEC: EN 61010-1