Motrona - DZ210 Industrial Monitor of Encoder Position Monitors Direction of Rotation & Standstill-encoders & sensors

Model Numbers

DZ 210  Simple Monitorfor Standstill and Direction of Rotation


  • Simple industrial monitor and controller for control of clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation and standstill
  • Versatile impulse inputs for operation with all common incremental encoders and sensors
  • High maximum input frequency (500 kHz) and very fast response time (<1 msec. with f > 1 kHz)
  • Two output relays (dry change-over) and two fast-responding transistor outputs


Power Supply  17 - 30 VDC
Current consumption  ca. 30 mA 
 Auxiliary output 5.4 V, max. 200 mA 
 Maximum input frequency

500 kHz (RS422 and TTL-differential)

350 kHz (HTL and TTL single-ended) 

 Impulse inputs

RS422: voltage difference >= 1V

HTL: Low < 4V, High > 9V

TTL: Low < 0,5 V, High > 2,5


Dry change-over, switching delay approx. 5msec.

Switching capability: 30 VDC/2 A or 125 VAC/0,6 A or 230 VAC/0,3 

 Transistor Outputs

High-side Driver, Switching delay 200 µsec.

Switching Voltage: 7-30 VDC

Switching Current: max. 350 mA

100% short circuit proof

(not both outputs at a time for a long period) 

 Ambient Temperature

Operation: 0° - 45°C (32° - 113°F)

Storage: -25° - +70°C ( -13° - 158°F) 

 Weight approx. 100g 
 Conformity and Standards EMC89/336/EEC: EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3