Motrona - GV150/GV151 6 Channel Splitter Incremental encoder splitter/amplifier 6 TTL/HTL Outputs

Model Numbers

GV150 Encoder Splitter with 6 Outputs – TTL/RS485
GV151 Encoder Splitter with 6 Outputs Selectable TTL or HTL output


  • Encoder Splitter with 1 input and splits into 6 output signals
  • Impulse input (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z, TTL level or HTL level)
  • Potential separation by high speed opto-couplers
  • 6 output channels, each (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z)
  •      GV150: all outputs TTL / RS422
  •      GV151 outputs individually programmable to either TTL or HTL level
  • Frequency range 0 - 400 kHz
  • Input Power 18-30 VDC
  • Front LED’s for indication of input pulses A, B and Z
  • Elimination of noise and cross talking on transmission lines
  • Closed aluminum cassette for mounting in 19"racks or assembly on
  • Panel or DIN Rail Mount

Options and Accessories

  • HTLIN1, the input is set to HTL level (12...30V), and only the signals A, B and Z
  • necessary (no inverted signals)
  • HTLIN2, the input is also set to HTL level ( 12...30V ), but all signals must be
  • applied (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z)
  • DIN Rail Mounting Kit

Circuit Diagram

GV150 Encoder Splitter Circuits

Encoder Inputs & Outputs

MODEL  Inputs  Outputs 
GV 150 / GV 151

1 Input A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z

Input Level TTL Differential only

6 Ouput Each A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z

GV150: Output level TTL

GV151: Output level TTL or HTL (individually selectable)