Motrona - LW213/215 Fibre Optic Quadrature Data Fibre Optic Quadrature Data from Encoders/sensors-2000/3000 meters

Model Numbers

Incremental Encoder or Sensor Fiber Optic Transmission

LW213 Transmitter 5VDC (± 5%), 1300 nm
LW213-1 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 1300 nm
LW213-2 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 1300 nm
LW213-3 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 1300 nm
LW214 Receiver 5VDC (± 5%), 1300 nm
LW214-1 Receiver 10-30 VDC, 1300 nm
LW214-2 Receiver 10-30 VDC, 1300 nm
LW215 Transmitter 5VDC (± 5%), 850 nm
LW215-1 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 850 nm
LW215-2 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 850 nm
LW215-3 Transmitter 10-30 VDC, 850 nm
LW216 Receiver 5VDC (± 5%), 850 nm
LW216-1 Receiver 10-30 VDC, 850 nm
LW216-2 Receiver 10-30 VDC, 850 nm


  • The optical fiber modules LW213/214 or LW215/216 are bulding together a a data transmission system for incremental signals of encoders or sensors by means of an optical fiber. 
  • Safe and reliably transmission of signals, up to a distance of 3000m 
  • The optical fibre cable can be routed through explosive areas as well
  • Resistant agaisnt extremely strong electromagnetic fields
  • For use with all incremental encoders and sensors either with TTL/RS422 output or with HTL (10-30V) output
  • Four channels allow the transmission of signals with a maximum data rate or 2MBit/s
  • Adjustable maximum SSI resolution of 13 bit or 25 bit
  • Maximum clock frequency 500 kHz
  • Power supply either 5VDC or 10-30 VDC
  • Compact DIN rail mounting


MODEL  Inputs  Outputs 

10-30V or RS422