Motrona - UZ210 Converts Analog to Quadrature/SSI Incremental Encoder Position & Frequency, and SSI (RS-232/485)

Model Numbers

UZ210 Signal Converter Analogue to SSI, or Quadrature (RS232/RS485)


  • High performance universal converter for analogue input singals with excellent features and multiple conversions modes. 
  • Input range: -10V... +V / 0/4...20mA
  • Conversion time max. 250 us
  • Quadrature frequency outputs HTL or TTL(A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z) from 0,01 Hz up to 1 Mhz
  • Incremental encoder output and SSI interface, for digitial expression of linear or angular positions as a result of analogue inputs
  • Incremental directions signal A/B depending on polarity of input signal and parameter settings 
  • Programmable marker impulse output (Z, /Z)
  • Various user modes: Programmable V / f charactistics, programmable curves with optionally repeating curve cycles, additional control functions similar to a "motorized potentiometer"
  • USB, RS232 and RS485 interface for programming and serial readout of the conversion results and other internal registers. 
  • Adjustable filter functions as well as operator programmable linearization curves
  • Printer mode for automatic data transfer of internal registers to a data logger or PC


MODEL  Inputs  Outputs 

4 inputs, PNP (switching to +)

ca. 2 mA (Ri = 15kΩ)

5 - 30 V according to remote supply

max. 30 mA per channel 

0,01 Hz - 1MHz