Motrona - FU252 Frequency Converter Analog Converts Frequency to Analog or to Serial RS-232/RS-485

Model Numbers

FU 252 Frequency to Analog Converter (RS 232/485)


  • Input frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 1MHz for full sacale analogue output
  • Conversion time only 1 msec. ( f > 3 kHz)
  • Analogue outputs +/- 10 V, 0-20mA and 4 - 20 mA
  • Polarity fo analogue signal changes with change of the direction of rotation
  • Suitable for conversion of quadrature signals (A/B) as well as single-channel signals, with all HTL or TTL or RS422 formats and levels
  • Suitable for conversion of sum, the difference or the ration of two frequencies 
  • RS232 and RS 485 interfaces for serial readout of the input frequencies
  • Programmable digital filters and programmable linearisation curves 
  • Easy to set up by simple TEACH procedure, or by PC Operator Software


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FU 252

RS422 compatible (differential level min. 1 V) or TTL differential, Fmax=1MHz

+/-10V (external load > 5k Ohms) 0-20mA/ 4-20mA (load<270 Ohms) Accuracy +/-0.1%