Motrona - PU210 Level Converter TTL/HTL or HTL/TTL Level Converter for incremental encoder TTL/HTL or HTL/TTL

Model Numbers

PU 210  Universal Level Converter with Input to Output Short Circuit Protection


  • Signal inputs A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z adjustable to TTL/RS422 level or to HTL (10-30V) level
  • Signal outputs A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z (push-pull), output level depending on remote voltage (Vext. = 5 - 30V)
  • Potential separation between input and output by high-speed inductive coupler
  • Suitable for conversion of a A/B quadrature direction singal to a static direction signal and vice-versa
  • Connection by choice via SUB-D-connector or via screw terminal strips (parallel circuit)




Inputs Outputs 

Differential RS422 (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z), level 3 - 30 V, (differential voltage min. 1V)

Single-ended A, B, Z at HTL level 10-30V (Standard application)

Single-ended A, B, Z at TTL level 5 V (special application, needs special DIL switch setting)

HTL or TTL, push/pull (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z), 5-30V, 30 mA