Vortec Wearable AC & Personal Air Conditioners Vortex Personal Air Conditioners

Workers in extreme temperatures wear Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) to minimize heat stress and fatigue.  The PAC's improve comfort and productivity. 

Vortec personal cooling vests have two components:

  • a cooling tube with belt that generates cold air to provide air flow to the worker;
  • a diffuse cooling vest through which the cold air flows to cool the worker’s torso

PACs are available in two cooling capacities; 1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH.   All models can achieve temperature differentials of +/- 45 – 60 deg F from the inlet compressed air temperature using vortex tube technology. These models are adjustable by the worker using an integral temperature adjustment knob.

The diffuse air vests are available in three sizes; large, xlarge and xxlarge which provides continuous cooled air through its perforated inner lining. The durable plasticized PVC vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions; and does not absorb sweat or other contaminants. Body cooling vests can also be worn under other protective clothing.